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About the Quiz
The Smartest Internist is a fun, competitive and educational quiz competition that changes every weekday. We ask up to 5 clinical questions about a specific topic related to the specialty to test your knowledge of the specialty, extract useful clinical pearls and keep you current on the literature and hot topics.

MDLinx members are encouraged to play the Smartest Doc Daily Quiz every day, but please note that the question expires at 12AM EST. In addition, the daily scores are calculated at exactly 12AM EST, and all answer submissions after this time will not be calculated towards your daily or monthly scores.

The Smartest Doc Daily Quiz Competition Fair Play Policy
To keep the game enjoyable for everyone and maintain an even playing field, the rules are simple:

  1. Any verified physician, regardless of specialty or profession, may play any specialty quiz and be ranked against the performance of other players who took that quiz.
    For example, you do not have to be an Oncologist to participate in or win the Smartest Oncologist daily quiz competition.
  2. Maintain only one Smartest Doc account and take each specialty quiz only once daily.
    Playing the same specialty quiz multiple times or under different names, even when done accidentally, will trigger system alerts that may cause your account to be suspended. Evidence of cheating or quiz tampering will result in your ineligibility to compete.
  3. Do not collaborate on competitive quizzes.
    Even when playing for a team, rankings are earned and tabulated per individual player. Evidence of group collaboration may also cause your account to be suspended.

About the Competition
The participant in good standing who answers questions the most accurately and in the shortest amount of time is designated as "The Smartest Internist" for the day. These results are published in the Smartest Doc Newsletter each weekday.

The participant in good standing who is ranked #1 on the national leaderboard at the end of each month is designated as "The Smartest Internist" for that month. These results are published on the Smartest Doc website. All players in good standing with rankings in the Top 3, 10, 50 and 100 on the national leaderboard will receive notification via email with a personalized e-certificate to print and display. We also encourage winners to post the achievement on their social network(s).

Verified US physicians in good standing who rank #1, #2 or #3 will receive a personalized trophy. In the event that a US physician is in the Top 3 for more than one specialty in the same month, that player will receive only one trophy that month celebrating the achievement earned with the most accuracy and speed.

To increase your knowledge base and leaderboard ranking, you should play every weekday.

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We value your feedback and are committed to providing a fun, educational experience for all of our loyal players. We thank you sincerely for being one! For Technical Support and Customer Service:

Policy updated: 1/19/18