C-reactive protein is a biomarker for mania

The Journal of Clinical PsychiatryScott Cunningham MD PhD, et al. | December 07, 2022



Mood disorders have been shown to be associated with an inflammatory state, as evidenced by elevated CRP, cytokine, and TNF-α levels.

The current study confirmed the findings of previous studies by showing that the CRP levels are elevated in patients with a first-episode of mania. The CRP levels decreased with amelioration of symptoms and duration of treatment.

Forty patients diagnosed with a first episode of mania, 40 first-degree relatives without a history of medical or psychiatric disorders, and 30 healthy controls were recruited for the study. CRP levels were determined at baseline, and 2 and 6 weeks after treatment was initiated. Patients diagnosed with mania were assessed using the Young Mania Rating Scale.

The CRP levels were higher in patients diagnosed with mania than the first-degree relatives and healthy controls. Similarly, the CRP levels were higher in the first-degree relatives than the healthy controls.